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Host4Speed is fast, reliable, and supportive, my bigger dream was achieved as a web developer and web hosting provider in Nigeria with the help of Host4Speed. I recommend GenHost to any young web developer who needs to grow fast with a very low budget.e.

Robiul Islam Rocky,
Narail Express

One of the best Hosting Provider. Since two years I am using this and their support is really great.

Asiqur Rahman Asik,
Jagannath University(JnU)


I love Host4Speed! Super reliable service. I locked myself out of my account a couple of times, they responded within minutes and the problem was solved just as fast. They are always super active either way, it worked perfectly for me, I had no downtime in my work! Thanks to all the tech support team.i.

Joe Smith,

Host4Speed is one of the cheapest web host I have ever encountered. That said, I am Very Happy with their products & service. I have paid a lot more money to big hosting companies (Namecheap & others) and received less. They are not a giant company.

Khalid Hasan,
Khalid IT

Host4Speed has the finest support system I have ever known. Response to chat and ticket requests are near-instantaneous 24/7.

Md Nooruzzaman,